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We’d like to explain the different types of masking products out there – it can be overwhelming with so many different types and ways to use them! 

Sheet Masks - This would be the most popular and convenient mask product and one all of you are very familiar with.  Sheet masks are used after cleanser and toner – skincare routine is continued without washing off.  The minimum benefit of sheet masks is to provide hydration to your skin – in addition to that, each have different star ingredients with different benefits (i.e. whitening, pore care, soothing, etc.) Within the sheet mask category, there are different types of materials as well.  Bio Cellulose Masks are currently highest quality sheet mask available – they adhere to your skin tightly allowing more moisture to be locked in and absorbed to your skin during your masking session.

Modeling Masks (or rubber mask, due to its rubbery consistency) – When you apply this mask, a thick layer of rubbery mask will mold to the shape of your face, allowing for a perfect fit and the nutritional goodness to be absorbed into your skin.  These require a little bit more effort than a sheet mask, as you will have to mix the mask powder with water, get the consistency correct and apply quickly to your face. Modeling masks are used after cleanser and toner – skincare routine is continued without washing off.  Sometimes little pieces of the mask will remain after you peel off the mask – you should wipe those off with a toner soaked cotton pad.

Sleeping Masks – Thick moisturizing cream used as the last step of the skincare routine that you leave on while you sleep.  In addition to hydration, some sleeping masks have added benefits or functions, such as whitening, firming, etc.  We highly recommend these for individuals with dry skin.

Wash-off Masks – These masks usually have a specific treatment function and you wash off the mask before continuing with your skincare routine.  There are many types of wash off masks – examples include clay masks, carbonated masks, exfoliating masks, etc.

Point Masks – These masks are designed to target a specific area (i.e. lips, nose, forehead, cheeks, etc.)

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