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1 | Double Cleanse | For those wearing heavier makeup, remove first with eye makeup remover. Cleanse face with an oil-based cleanser (massage your face while you wash) and cleanse again with a water-based cleanser (preferably in pH 5.0-6.0.) 

2 | Tone Toners are also sometimes called "Skin" or "Softener." Korean toners typically adds moisture to prep your skin for next steps of the skincare routine. 

3 | TreatmentKorean women usually use multiple products in this category (i.e. ampoules, essence and serums) to target and treat specific areas of concern (i.e. dullness, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.)

4 | Moisturize | Based on your skin type, listen to your skin and hydrate by using emulsion, face oil, moisturizers, eye cream (technically not required, but good for target treatment) and/or sleeping masks.

5 | Sun Protection (for AM routine) | Apply sunscreen always, no exceptions.

*Good to Know - Korean skincare is all about layering - layering with skincare products customized for your skin. Rule of thumb is to apply skincare products from thinnest to thickest consistency*


Exfoliation | Recommended 2 times a week to remove dead skin cells

Sheet or Modeling Masks | Recommended 2 to 3 times a week (pay attention to ingredients depending on areas of focus)

Facial Mists | For extra boost of hydration and recommended for plane rides - spray your face with oil or essence infused facial mists to help with hydration all day long

Sleeping Masks | For an extra hydration boost, apply a generous layer (PM routine) and let it work while you sleep

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