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With a goal of giving back bigger and better as a longer term goal (as PinkSeoul grows), I wanted to get started with something small, but hopefully will have a positive impact on someone's day. I lost my mom to breast cancer and I went through cancer 5 years ago (at 30). Although I miss my mom everyday, I am thankful to be here, spending my days with my daughter Emma, healthy and to have caught my cancer early enough. I know my battle was much easier and shorter than what many are going through right now. I am so thankful for so many things - my family, friends, being able to follow my dreams... and much more...

With that sense of appreciation, I launched a #payitforward initiative. Each week, we have been sending K-Beauty skincare boxes to 2 women going through their battle with cancer since April 2016. Cancer treatments can negatively impact your skin and I am hoping this small gesture would make their day a little more bearable (because who doesn't enjoy a little pampering?) 

We have currently sent boxes to all received nominations to date. Please send us more nominations!

If you know someone who is battling cancer and would like us to give them a box, please send us an email at to coordinate.  Personally, I'd prefer to mail it to you so that you can give it to them in person with your hand written note/letter - so that you can tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them!

*Currently, we are only mailing to women in US*