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Cleanser pH

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In this month's box, you received a pH strip to test the pH level of your current second or water-based cleanser.  The recommended pH level of your water-based cleanser is pH 5.0-6.0.  High pH cleansers could be stripping your skin of natural oils, drying out your skin and making your skin more prone to breakouts.  

*The results of the pH level will also be impacted by the pH level of your water.  This is also just for your informational/entertainment purpose only and won’t be 100% accurate!*   

How to test the pH level of your cleanser:

1. Wash your hands
2. Apply a small amount of your water-based cleanser on to palm of your hands
3. Dilute the cleanser with your tap water (we recommend using your home tap water since that's what you would be using to wash your face on a daily basis)
4. Holding the white end of the pH strip, sweep the colored square end over the diluted cleanser
5. Wait a few seconds for the colors to change and compare against the color chart below:

What was your pH level of your cleanser?  Are you surprised?  Please share your results/thoughts in comments below!

Need recommendations for a low pH cleanser?  See below!

RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleansers (5.0-6.0 pH) - currently on sale for $21

Infused with organic ingredients including Lemon Extract, Green Tea Leaf Water and 17 Types of Herbal Oils - this cleanser is hand-made with 95% natural ingredients to provide deep cleansing. Lemon is known for its antibacterial, brightening and exfoliating properties. This pH-balanced cleanser will dissolve impurities and leave your skin clean, hydrated and soft. You will love this adorable packaging and the marshmallow-like consistency! 

COSRX Low pH Gel Cleanser (5.0 pH) - $11

Low pH gentle second cleanser!  

DR. JART+ DERMACLEAR MICRO WATER (pH 5.5) (250ML + 150ML FREE!) - On Sale for $29.95

We like to use the low pH cleanser/toner in one, after our second cleanser (as our toner) to REALLY make sure that our face is clean!  Formulated with active mineral water to remove all impurities, makeup and even mascara without irritation.  Made with 85% active hydrogen mineral water and 90% natural ingredients. Suitable for hypersensitive skin types.  Derma Toning Complex leaves your skin feeling fresh - designed to brighten and tone.  This item was ranked #1 during a blind test performed on one of Korea's top beauty program. 

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