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When is the best time to use my sheet masks and how often?
Sheet masks are a great way to boost your skin with added nutrients and you should just continue with your skincare routine after you’re done masking without washing it off – with that in mind, incorporate sheet masks either in your AM/PM skincare routine (so you can keep in on). We like to make sure we get the most of our $ spent, so we prefer to incorporate this in our PM routine. Also, use them as much as your heart desires! If you have the luxury of both time and money to use them daily, you should!

There are so many sheet masks to choose from! How can I choose the best one for my skin type?
Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients! Remember, it's not about the packaging, brand or price - it's about the ingredients and what's inside that matters! Sheet masks usually have a specific function with corresponding ingredients to address specific skin concerns (i.e. dryness, acne, pigmentation, etc.) Look at the ingredients to find the sheet masks that address the skin concern you have. Your skin condition will be different on a daily basis, so listen to your skin and adjust your mask picks accordingly to address your skin's changing needs!

I feel like sheet mask addiction is such an expensive addiction…is it worth it?
Think of it this way – a typical facial will cost you at least $80 before tips. This mask box cost you $29.95 and you have enough for 10 sheet masking sessions and a full-size skincare product to last you at least a couple months – all in the luxury of your own home while watching your favorite TV show or K-Drama (we HIGHLY recommend Descendants of the Sun if you need a new K-Drama to watch). If you ask me, that sounds like you’re actually making money, no? AND your skin will thank you for all the added nutritious goodies!

How long should I leave on my sheet masks?
You should leave your sheet masks on for approximately 20 minutes. Refer to the instructions on the sheet masks to determine the length – you should not exceed
the recommend time on the instructions. Many of you think it’s good leave on the mask until right before it completely dries up. However, after the recommended time, you run the risk of the mask reabsorbing the goodies from your skin and actually drying out your skin. Don't risk it!

Can I reuse sheet masks?
That’s disgusting, no. Haha that wasn't very nice, ok, all joking aside, it’s unhygienic to reuse sheet masks. If you really want to stretch one sheet mask, you could save the essence left from the packet (fold the top, tape it and refrigerate it – next day, soak a cotton pad with the leftover essence, peel the cotton pad into multiple layers and apply on your face for a quick DIY mask)

Any other helpful tips?
- K-Beauty products frequently indicate manufactured date vs. expiration dates. “제조” represents manufactured date and “까지“ represents expiration dates. To avoid confusion, we’ve added a note on each of the product descriptions on our site that indicates which date the product packaging bears.
- Once done with the sheet mask, don’t waste the essence still remaining on the sheet mask. Before throwing it away, rub the sheet mask on the dry areas of your body for the leftover essence!
- Make sure to grab a couple (or more!) sheet masks before heading to the airport – one for the plane ride there and one for the way back. Plane rides can really dry out your skin, so put on a sheet mask and relax on the plane. However, you should try not to scare your flight neighbors or little kids in the process.

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