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PinkSeoul Bag - Banana Leaves

  • $ 1200

These durable bags are perfect for grocery shopping, running errands, going to the beach or the gym... also beautiful as a gift bag! 

Holds up to 45lbs and 2-3 standard grocery bag worth of items.   

Each bag comes with 2 carrying cases - one with matching print and one logo vinyl zipped 😍

*Each bag also comes with a K-beauty sheet mask - we're a K-beauty company after all! (selections will vary)  

Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon

Dimensions (approximate): 
Bag - 15” (Width) X 25” (Height) X 6” (Depth)
Matching carrying case – 5” X 5”
Vinyl carrying case – 5.5” X 5.5”

Care: Machine wash cold, line dry

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