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If youve ever googled Korean Skincare Routine, you probably saw a number of articles on 10+ Daily Korean Skincare Steps. Before you feel overwhelmed by the extensive list of products and steps especially if you are new to K-­Beauty we want you to first understand the following fundamental principals of Korean Skincare Routine, regardless of the number of products, brands or price of your products. Everyone's skin is different and it is important for you to understand the fundamentals, so you can better understand its impact and how you can improve your skin.

1 | Keep hydrated | This means drinking enough water (yes, I know we all know, 8 glasses of water... seems so much easier with wine ^__^) and also making sure the products in your routine are providing enough hydration for your skin.  Listen to your skin if it starts flaking, feeling rough/tight/itchy, that means that your skin is not hydrated enough so a change or boost to your current skincare routine is needed.  Also, make sure to use a Korean toner to prep your skin to absorb all the beneficial goodies your treatment and moisturizing steps have to offer!

2 | Cleanse well | We cant stress this enough.  Koreans believe that you should take the same (if not more) effort and time in cleansing your skin as putting on makeup. I can go on about why this is so important but really, trust me it is, so cleanse well!  

3 | Protect from the sun | Sun exposure leads to pigmentation, skin damage, premature skin aging and even increased risk of cancer. Aren't those enough reasons? Protect your skin and apply sunscreen before stepping out (even if its not sunny outside or even for a short period of time).

4 | Prevention is easier than correction - invest time in your skin | It is much easier to be diligent and invest time in your skincare routine morning and night, rather than having to correct skin issues later (i.e. pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.)  You wont see results overnight, but be diligent and invest in yourself and you will see results for sure!

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