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Missha Konjac Sponge (White Clay)

Missha Konjac Sponge (White Clay)

  • $ 500

Size: 1pc

What it is:
These soft facial cleansing sponges are made out of natural konjac - perfect for gentle exfoliation and cleansing.  White Clay helps to soften and hydrate skin.

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin 

How to use:
1. Thoroughly wet the sponge
2. Apply the cleanser on the sponge or your skin
3. Using circular motion, massage the sponge on your skin and rinse
4. Wash the sponge and air dry (use the thread attached on the sponge to hang dry)
*The sponge is good for 2 to 3 months of use*
*You will notice slight moisture in the bag - this is normal!*

90% Natural Botanical Konjac, 10% White Clay

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