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What it is:
Mask pack in easy to close screw top pouch for multiple use.

Following options available for your skin type and area of concern:

• Gold Peel Off Pack: Shining gold mask will help manage sebum and leave your skin moist and smooth
Black Peel Off Pack: Pore tightening, exfoliating and sebum control
• Peptide Volume Peel Off Pack: Help remove dead skin and sebum
• Collagen Active Peel Off Pack: Collagen will moisturize skin while sodium hyaluronate will create moisture barrier to protect skin
• Mud Pore Peel Off Pack: Remove dead skin and excess sebum
• Herb Sleeping Pack: Lavender, tea tree, peppermint and herbal oils to revitalize skin
• Cica Calming Sleeping Pack: Butylene glycol, trehalose and herbal mix to produce fresh moist barrier and give vitality to skin
• Berry Elastic Sleeping Pack: Improve skin elasticity and moisture level
• Volcano Clear Wash Off Pack: Wash off mask pack with 9 different herb oil to clean pores and provide vitality to skin

Peel off pack how to use:
1) Apply on dry cleansed face avoiding mouth, eyebrow and lip area 2) Leave on for 15 – 20 minutes until mask is fully dry 3) Remove gently starting from outer area 4) Clean skin with toner and continue with basic skin care routine

Sleeping pack how to use:
1) Apply mask on cleansed skin on last step of your evening skin care routine 2) Leave on overnight 3) Rinse off with warm water in the morning

Wash off pack how to use:
1) Apply on cleansed skin 2) Leave on for 15 minutes 3) Rinse off with warm water

Dates: Product with (제조) indicates manufactured date and (까지) indicates expiration date. 

and the fine prints...
- If you have any adverse reactions when using this product, stop using the product immediately
- If it contacts with eyes, rinse with running water immediately
- Do not use on spots with injury, eczema, or dermatitis
- Keep product away from direct sunlight and from extreme temperatures
- Keep product away from reach of infants and children
- For external use only

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