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Berrisom Petite Pocket Packs


  • $ 400

Pouch-style skincare that you can easily take where ever you go!  Each pouch is for multiple uses.  Options include:

  • Snail Repair Cream - facial cream containing snail mucin to focus on evening out skin tone and firming 
    (use as last step of skincare routine)
  • Vita Berry Foam - water based cleanser infused with 3 types of berry extracts that foams up well for a soft lather cleanse
    (Squeeze appropriate amount on hand, Gently massage over face avoiding eye and lip area and Rinse with lukewarm water)
  • Avocado Moisture Cream - rich cream for those who need an extra boost of moisture enriched with avocado oil
    (use as last step of skincare routine)
  • Aloe Soothing Gel - facial gel that provides hydration while soothing at the same time 
    (use as last step of skincare routine)
  • Milk Tone-up Body Cream - brightening body cream
    (use on your body)
  • Milk Tone-up Facial Cream - brightening facial cream
    (use as last step of skincare routine)

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