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Goodal Infused Mist (Various)

  • $ 1800

Size: 80 ml / 2.7 FL. Oz.

What it is:
Mist infused with skin-nourishing ingredients –  Carry this around or leave on your work desk and spritz periodically (even over makeup) for continued hydration.  Remember, hydration is key for long-term younger looking skin!  Spritz some extra if you’re using a lot of air conditioner during the hot months since this will dry out your skin.

  • Dewy Flower [Moisture]
  • Vitamin Berry [Brightening]
  • Energy Flower [Revival]
  • Clarifying Plum [Clarifying]

How to use:
1. Use as your moisturizer for your skincare routine
2. Apply and gently pat until absorbed

This product indicates the manufactured (제조) date. 

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